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Scooter Monitor is an extremely complex and sophisticated system. It provides security and many other convenient services to the scooter users and their families and, more importantly; A detailed diagnostic program is provided for the maintenance and repair of the vehicle, providing a very helpful and cost-effective method for servicing it.

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Precisely designed hardware

The Scooter Monitor module’s hard drive is made in Europe by experimented engineers. The firmware and the protocol for the equipment is of a completely unique design. The software communication is completely classified and sends highly compressed data traffic over the net, so the operation is cost effective even on longer journeys, such as when traveling abroad.

Easy access worldwide, Safety cloud

Our own cloud server cluster system is accessible via broad bandwidth from all over the world and works with 100% availability every day of the year.

We provide complete security for your data and we never let anybody to access them.

Family, safety solutions, vehicle information

With the help of Scooter Monitor users are able to notify their family members about the location of the vehicle if the user gets into any kind of trouble or dangerous situation, and the user will be receiving continuous technical information about the scooter. If the scooter has been borrowed by someone, or if the user goes on a vacation and takes the scooter with them a new area can be defined for the scooter, thereby allowing it to be immobilized in the case of theft or unauthorized use. This information can be tracked on smart phones, tablets or PCs as well.

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Scooter Monitor raises transportation, security, servicing and service diagnostics to a whole new level!

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